Kauai Diving 2016


Kauai Diving 2016

Finally! got my underwater photos published from our stay on Kauai in May 2016. The ocean, weather, and surf conditions were much better than the previous year at the same time. I was lucky to be able to get in several North shore dives at Tunnels and several South shore dives at Koloa Landing during our two weeks there. Scheduling with family and friends that visited did not allow me to get in any boat dives this trip, but the copious critter spotting left me missing nothing.

Click the turtle to see the album of underwater photos.

Hawaii 2016


Deb and Mary’s Wedding

Monday night was the first decent sunset over Hanalei Bay and Bali Hai in the week since we'd been on island


Our trip to Hawaii in May, 2016 started in Oahu to attend my sister Deb and Mary’s wedding. Sixteen years in the making, on a bright, wonderful Spring afternoon in the Kailua backyard of friends. Maxine and I were chuppah pole holders, along with Mary’s brother Jay who flew in from Buffalo. Deb and my parents, Myra and Reivan, also made the long trip in from the East coast to be there. After the wedding on Saturday afternoon, we took an evening flight to Kauai for two weeks of relaxation back at our timeshare overlooking Hanalei Bay. Max’s brother Michael and Rona joined us for our first week and her BFF Maureen and Marke joined us for the second.

Click the first photo to see the wedding pictures, click the second photo to see pictures from Kauai.

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Myra and Reivan Host a Brunch for Deb and Mary

Aloha signs to the brunch in Myra and Reivan's back yard

Aloha signs to the brunch in Myra and Reivan’s back yard

Mary, Jay, and Deb

Mary, her brother Jay, and Deb

Deb and Mary visited back East for several weeks at the end of the Summer for the first time since their wedding in Oahu in May, 2016. To celebrate for those that were unable to travel for the ceremony, Myra and Reivan had a huge Sunday brunch for friends, family, and neighbors in their back yard. Click on either of the photos to see the full album.

Labor Day Wine Tour of CT

Labor Day Wine Tour of CT

Labor Day Wine Tour of CT

The happy oenophiles- Mary, Deb, Becky, Billy, Max, and Dave

The happy oenophiles- Mary, Deb, Becky, Billy, Max, and Dave

Deb and Mary were in from Hawaii, so we wanted to get together with friends Billy and Becky Laughlin over Labor Day weekend, 2016. No one wanted to do a long road trip, so Max organized a Sunday tour of local CT wineries, stopping midday for lunch at the Chamard Winery bistrot. The weather cooperated beautifully and we ended the day wending our way back to our house for a terrific sushi dinner. Click on either of the photos to see the full album.

Sophie as Spidey and Max’s Pumpkin Carving

Sophie gets her Spidey on for Halloween

Sophie gets her Spidey on for Halloween

Halloween was quite the dress-up occasion for Sophie this year. Towards the beginning of October she donned a tux to compete in the pet costume contest at our local Agway. Then came Halloween itself which fell on a Saturday this year. That plus the great dry weather (yeah, who doesn’t remember super-storm Sandy!) meant that Max had all afternoon to execute some pretty elaborate pumpkin carvings and then get Sophie dressed up in her Spidey outfit. The tuxedo was just too subdued for her big night of meet and greet. Click on the photo for the full story.

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Freeport Maine with Sophie, Labor Day 2015

First stop on our Maine road trip was lunch at the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery

First stop on our Maine road trip was lunch at the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery

Dave the Moose, outside LL Bean

Dave the Moose, outside LL Bean

Helpful little lobsters assist you with your bottle of Allagash or Geary's

Helpful little lobsters assist you with your bottle of Allagash or Geary’s

Our first real road trip with Sophie was to Freeport, Maine over Labor Day weekend 2015. Our first stop was Friday afternoon lunch at the Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery. We then made it up to Freeport by late afternoon and checked into our dog-friendly accommodations at the Harraseeket Inn. Everywhere we went, Sophie was a hit. Whether it was outdoor dining at a restaurant, going to the dog park in Bath, or just strolling along the main drag in front of LL Bean, Sophie was the center of attention. That and the perfect weather made for a great time for the entire family. Click on any of the photos for the full travelog.

Steve and Sarah Shapiro’s Wedding, Fall 2015 on Lake George

Steve and Sarah Shapiro, the newlyweds!

Steve and Sarah Shapiro, the newlyweds!

Maxine and I spent a beautiful Fall weekend in Lake George, NY to attend the wedding of our niece Sarah Strasser and her fiancé (of six years!) Steve Shapiro. Yeah, it was definitely about time! We decamped to The Sagamore, a classic estate with expansive property overlooking the lake. Friday night was a late rehearsal dinner, followed by a Saturday morning round of golf for Max and a massage at the spa for Dave. The wedding and reception were Saturday evening at The Boathouse in Lake George along the banks of the lake with a full moon rising overhead. Great to be with family on a wonderful, happy, and beautiful occasion. Click on the picture to the left to see the photo album.

Sophie’s Championship Certificate

Sophie's championship certificate from the AKC finally arrived!

It took a while, but we finally received Sophie’s championship certificate in the mail from the AKC! Lyrac’s Sun Kissed Meadow is her “kennel name”, but she is Sophie to us.

Another January in Grand Cayman – The Cookout, Golf, and Diving

CaymanCookout2014-004Here we went again, back to the Cayman Cookout in January for 4 days of culinary ridiculousness followed by a week of recovery, golfing and diving. As before, the headline chefs were the troika of Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain, and José Andrés. New this year was Lidia Bastianich, Rick Bayless, Daniel Boulud, Martin Picard, and Jacques Torres. View the photo album by clicking here or on the photo to the left.

March Anniversary Weekend in NYC

NYC March 2013

This ridiculously cold winter weather reminded me of our anniversary weekend trip into NYC last March with Max’s best friend Maureen Beurskens and Marke Baker. I had the photos lying around, but never got around to publishing them. Marke and Maureen live in Charlotte and flew up for the main event, which were orchestra (well… back of the orchestra) seats for Book of Mormon that we had snagged many many months in advance. Friday evening we drove into the city, checked into the Casablanca Hotel and had an incredible dinner at Rosanjin in Tribeca. I think we were the only non-Japanese in this tiny restaurant with perhaps 10 tables. They serve Kaiseki cuisine which comes from the Kyoto area. I am not sure what we ate, since everything had to be translated for us and nothing was recognizable, but what incredible flavors, textures, and presentation. I do remember one dish came out in little individual rice paper lantern houses that you had to deconstruct and unfold to get at the food! Saturday morning we hit MOMA, then dinner was at The Palm steakhouse, followed by Book of Mormon. The show had to be the funniest thing Max and I had ever seen, bar none. We couldn’t stop laughing from the beginning and were hurting by the time the show was over. Sunday morning we met Max’s brother in-law for brunch near Lincoln Center before we headed home. I did not take too many photos during the weekend, but you can see the few that I did by clicking on the group shot to the left or here.