Hawaii 2016

Deb and Mary’s Wedding


Our trip to Hawaii in May, 2016 started in Oahu to attend my sister Deb and Mary’s wedding. Sixteen years in the making, on a bright, wonderful Spring afternoon in the Kailua backyard of friends. Maxine and I were chuppah pole holders, along with Mary’s brother Jay who […]

Myra and Reivan Host a Brunch for Deb and Mary

Aloha signs to the brunch in Myra and Reivan’s back yard

Mary, her brother Jay, and Deb

Deb and Mary visited back East for several weeks at the end of the Summer for the first time since their wedding in Oahu in May, 2016. To celebrate for those that were unable to travel […]

Labor Day Wine Tour of CT

Labor Day Wine Tour of CT

The happy oenophiles- Mary, Deb, Becky, Billy, Max, and Dave

Deb and Mary were in from Hawaii, so we wanted to get together with friends Billy and Becky Laughlin over Labor Day weekend, 2016. No one wanted to do a long road trip, so Max organized a […]