Hawaii 2016

Deb and Mary’s Wedding


Our trip to Hawaii in May, 2016 started in Oahu to attend my sister Deb and Mary’s wedding. Sixteen years in the making, on a bright, wonderful Spring afternoon in the Kailua backyard of friends. Maxine and I were chuppah pole holders, along with Mary’s brother Jay who […]

Back to the Archives for Photos From Our 2008 Trip to Hawaii

I’ve been gradually going through my backlog of photos that I never got around to sorting, editing, and publishing. I’ve been meaning to get these shots from our 2008 trip to Oahu and Kauai posted for a long time, would make some progress, and then life intervened. I now have finally got them sorted and […]

Hawaii 2009

We went to Hawaii in Spring 2009 a bit earlier than we usually go, primarily to be there with my sister for our first Hawaiian Passover seder. We traded one of our timeshare weeks to start off at the Marriott in Lihue, Kauai. Then we switched to our Hanalei Bay Resort timeshare for our second […]