Ocean, weather, and surf conditions were much better than last year at the same time. I was able to get in several North and South shore dives during our time on Kauai.
Spotted eagle ray at Tunnels. Compared to last year at the same time, North Shore conditions were fab. 5/16/16 9:37 AM : Diving Cavern swimthrough at Tunnels 5/16/16 11:51 AM : Diving Honu resting on top of the turtle cleaning station at Tunnels 5/16/16 11:54 AM : Diving 5/16/16 11:59 AM : Diving An egg sac laid by the Spanish Dancer nudibranch 5/16/16 12:12 PM : Diving Tunnels topography 5/16/16 12:17 PM : Diving
View from one cavern into another, sunlit from above 5/16/16 12:26 PM : Diving Thursday I headed south for some shore diving at Koloa Landing. Immediately upon entry was this green sea turtle resting and taking a nap. 5/19/16 2:11 PM : Diving Whitemouth Moray 5/19/16 2:19 PM : Diving You may just be able to make out the profile of this Shortsnout Scorpionfish 5/19/16 2:22 PM : Diving Crown of Thorns star at Koloa Landing 5/19/16 2:42 PM : Diving Stout Moray 5/19/16 2:50 PM : Diving
Stout Moray's come in a wide variety of color combinations 5/19/16 2:51 PM : Diving School of Yellowfin Goatfish 5/19/16 3:01 PM : Diving This Lizardfish was pretty good sized 5/19/16 4:07 PM : Diving Turtle heading for the surface at Koloa Landing 5/19/16 4:08 PM : Diving Marbled Shrimp on antler coral 5/19/16 4:21 PM : Diving Hermit crab on a different head of antler coral 5/19/16 4:26 PM : Diving
Purple Velvet Star on the sandy bottom 5/19/16 4:29 PM : Diving Large Blackside Hawkfish 5/19/16 4:36 PM : Diving First time I've seen a black sea cucumber holding out a welcome  sign 5/19/16 4:39 PM : Diving My first time seeing a Strawberry Nudibranch, wish I had gotten a better shot of it 5/19/16 4:43 PM : Diving Hermit Crab 5/19/16 4:45 PM : Diving Whitemouth Moray 5/19/16 4:48 PM : Diving
The following week it was back to Tunnels on the North shore where I caught this small school of Bluestripe Snapper 5/23/16 12:03 PM : Diving The turtle cleaning station on top of Tunnels outer reef. Tangs or Surgeonfish are picking the algae off the shell. 5/23/16 12:06 PM : Diving Goldrim Flatworm 5/23/16 12:14 PM : Diving Yellowmargin Moray at Tunnels 5/23/16 12:17 PM : Diving Lei Triggerfish, named for the two vertical bands that can change color from yellow (here) to dark brown depending on the fish's emotional state 5/23/16 12:40 PM : Diving Last dives of the trip were again at Koloa Landing with Jess. Conditions were even better, I had Jess all to myself as the primo spotter, and there were more critters per square foot than ever. Right off the bat was this large octopus tucked inside the reef, one of four we saw during the afternoon! 5/24/16 2:29 PM : Diving
Porcupinefish 5/24/16 2:31 PM : Diving The longer I stayed in front of this Whitemouth Moray taking photos, the closer it got, seeing its reflection in my camera port. It was only when I started editing on my computer that I noticed what I think are two very tiny babies poking up from the sand underneath momma's belly. 5/24/16 2:40 PM : Diving This Gold Lace Nudibranch was just floating in the water column at about 40ft. Every time I moved the camera to get a different shot, my motion pushed him out of my viewfinder. I finally managed to get a pretty decent photo by staying as still as I could. 5/24/16 2:44 PM : Diving I seemed to be beating Jess at spotting the several Scorpionfish on this dive, this one another Shortsnout 5/24/16 2:47 PM : Diving School of Convict Tang at Koloa Landing 5/24/16 2:52 PM : Diving Threadfin Butterflyfish 5/24/16 2:54 PM : Diving
This Lined Fireworm was on the move 5/24/16 2:57 PM : Diving Whitemouth Moray 5/24/16 3:06 PM : Diving Devil Scorpionfish giving the evil eye 5/24/16 3:13 PM : Diving 5/24/16 3:13 PM : Diving Whitemouth Morays galore! 5/24/16 3:20 PM : Diving Yellowmargin Moray 5/24/16 4:02 PM : Diving
Yet another Whitemouth Moray shows how it gets its name 5/24/16 4:15 PM : Diving Panther Flounder on the sandy bottom at Koloa Landing, looks similar to the Peacock Flounder we see in the Caribbean 5/24/16 4:32 PM : Diving 5/24/16 4:38 PM : Diving Froggie went a courting... My day was fulfilled when Jess spotted this Commerson's or Giant Frogfish perched on a rock. It must have been close to 2ft in size, maybe larger. 5/24/16 4:42 PM : Diving Ugly, but cute in its own weird way.... 5/24/16 4:42 PM : Diving Yet another Scorpionfish near the end of the dive 5/24/16 4:43 PM : Diving
And my final dive in Kauai is almost over when we spot this Octopus at Koloa Landing 5/24/16 4:52 PM : Diving