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When I Was A Baby
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Here's my daddy, Cooper, when he won a big ribbon
And here's my mommy, Reba, who also won a pretty ribbon
puppy 6 tri girl
And here I am the day I was born, March 28, 2004
Three days later, and I still don't got my eyes open!
April 16 and I'm snuggling with my brother, Lefty
4.25 sniffing
My brother and sisters and I get to sniff in the yard
4.25 all tuckered out
But then we got all tired out and had to take a nap
5.03 baby reba - head 2
I'm 5 weeks old now, I'm still pretty tiny, but I'm cute
5.03 baby reba - head 1
Here I am with my dad, Cooper

When I Was A Baby
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Halloween 2005

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