2015, The Winning Year

Sophie turned 2 in May, 2015. Spring would would prove to be her championship season.
January sleepover at Molly's house while mommy and daddy are on vacation. Molly apparently takes Sophie lying down. 1/18/15 8:11 PM : Sophie : Sophie Sophie and Molly sharing the bed... at least for a minute or two 1/22/15 7:36 AM : Sophie : Sophie Sophie getting the panoramic view from inside Caryl Crouse's RV at the Bear, DE dog show in April 4/24/15 7:58 PM : Sophie : Sophie Yay!! Sophie won her first 3-point major on July 3rd in Springfield, thank you  Caryl Crouse ! The photo isn't the best, but Sophie's parents are very happy and had celebratory margaritas. 7/3/15 2:49 PM : Caryl Crouse, Sophie : Sophie Sophie's first major, for 3 points on July 3, 2015 in Springfield 7/3/15 3:05 PM : Caryl Crouse, Sophie : Sophie The very next day on July 4, Sophie won the second major she needed for her championship. This time the win was for 4 points. Thanks again to  Caryl Crouse ! 7/4/15 10:02 AM : Caryl Crouse, Sophie : Sophie
And this is Sophie totally and utterly exhausted Saturday afternoon after winning her second major in Springfield 7/4/15 2:27 PM : Sophie : Sophie We went to pick up Sophie in Springfield on Sunday where she showed us her winning form. Unfortunately, she didn't show it in the ring, so no points that day, but we are eminently happy with the two majors under her belt (or collar). Sophie was so tired and worn out, she barely moved for 4 days afterwards. 7/5/15 9:49 AM : Caryl Crouse, Maxine, Sophie : Sophie Three weeks later, Caryl took Sophie on a road trip to Bloomsburg, PA where she got her final points and came home a champion! Well she was always a winner to us! 7/27/15 1:34 PM : Sophie : Sophie Sophie's championship certificate from the AKC finally arrived! 7/27/15 2:04 PM : Sophie : Sophie