Josie's World


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My name is Josie and I was born on March 28, 2004. Well, actually my full name is Lyrac Josephine Bone-Apart, but everyone just calls me Josie, so you can too. Welcome to my website. My mommy and daddy helped me make it real nice. I have trouble typing on the funny keyboard they use and the mouse they have isn't any fun, like the ones I play with in the back yard. So, I just tell them what to write for me. I almost have them trained, but I still need to yell at them once in a while. I am a Tibetan Terrier and this photo was taken when I was relaxing at my grandma Flo's cabin near Lake George during August 2004. If you click on me you can see more pictures of me inside. Click here if you really want to go back to mommy and daddy's website.   Mommy and daddy helped me update this page on 02/22/2010