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Photo Gallery

Dave and Max's photos and videos organized by event or vacation

Underwater Photography

The full set of Dave's underwater photos are in the photo gallery organized chronologically by vacation or dive trip. This portfolio is a collection of his best of the best.

Sophie's World

Sophie is our Tibetan Terrier born on May 31, 2013. She rules the household, so she is entitled to her own section of the website.

2017 BMW M2

Compendium of photos, mods, and how-to fixits for Dave's 2017 BMW M2

Manic Mt. Boys

The Manic Mt. Boys are a group of like-minded musicians and friends that first bonded in 1981 at New England bluegrass festivals. The beat goes on...

Recent Additions to the Photo Gallery

  • A nice 83rd birthday lunch for Myra


Recent updates from David and Maxine

Older Content

Highlights from some of the archives gathering dust in our virtual basement
2006 Z4M Roadster

Compendium of photos, mods, how-to's, and fixit articles from the 13 years Dave owned his 2006 BMW Z4 ///M Roadster

2000 Z3 Roadster

Photos, mods, how-to's, and fixit articles from the six years Dave owned his 2000 BMW Z3 Roadster


Josie was our first Tibetan Terrier and the love of our lives. She was born in 2004 and rewarded us with 9 years of loving companionship.

Classic Manic Mt. Boys

The original Manic Mt. Boys website that was hosted by Dusty Clampett for many years, archived here for posterity