Dan Nocera, an instructor in the New Media Center at Middlesex Community College, offered up a 3 hour cruise on the CT River with him and his boat-buddy Jeff Cohen as an item for the college’s silent auction fundraiser. Max bid furiously and won, and their pontoon party boat had room for 3 couples, so… On a beautiful Fall day with perfect weather we set sail with our friends Jon Swift, Anne Cassady, Billy Laughlin, and Becky Laughlin…. Well, not “sail” exactly, but more like cruised and partied out of Portland for a great afternoon on the water. Jeff is a reporter and broadcaster on CT public radio, and also quite a serious winemaker. He brought along a couple of bottles of his award winning homemade petite sirah that was better than some we’ve tasted from commercial wineries. Dan’s wife provided a cooler stocked with appetizers. Despite the gorgeous afternoon, being post-Labor Day the river was practically empty of any other boat traffic- we had long stretches to ourselves. All in all, a terrific time!

See the photos of the fun here or click on the photo to the left.


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