NYC March 2013

This ridiculously cold winter weather reminded me of our anniversary weekend trip into NYC last March with Max’s best friend Maureen Beurskens and Marke Baker. I had the photos lying around, but never got around to publishing them. Marke and Maureen live in Charlotte and flew up for the main event, which were orchestra (well… back of the orchestra) seats for Book of Mormon that we had snagged many many months in advance. Friday evening we drove into the city, checked into the Casablanca Hotel and had an incredible dinner at Rosanjin in Tribeca. I think we were the only non-Japanese in this tiny restaurant with perhaps 10 tables. They serve Kaiseki cuisine which comes from the Kyoto area. I am not sure what we ate, since everything had to be translated for us and nothing was recognizable, but what incredible flavors, textures, and presentation. I do remember one dish came out in little individual rice paper lantern houses that you had to deconstruct and unfold to get at the food! Saturday morning we hit MOMA, then dinner was at The Palm steakhouse, followed by Book of Mormon. The show had to be the funniest thing Max and I had ever seen, bar none. We couldn’t stop laughing from the beginning and were hurting by the time the show was over. Sunday morning we met Max’s brother in-law for brunch near Lincoln Center before we headed home. I did not take too many photos during the weekend, but you can see the few that I did by clicking on the group shot to the left or here.


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