Dear friend Tom Monahan who suffered from ALS for the last several years, left this earth on Dec 3rd to join the great picking circle in the sky. His passing has spurred me to collect MMB pictures, videos, and other memories into new section of the website here: Tom will be sorely and deeply missed by all who knew him, his humor, and his talent.


Kate [Monahan] Marin · December 9, 2010 at 1:36 am

Thanks, Dave ~ Needed that.
After all, when life’s dealt you a hard knock,
there IS nuthin’ like a stale squirrel square
to put the starch back into ya!
love, Kate

Todd Macalister · August 11, 2011 at 9:37 pm


Thanks for posting the photos and films of the Manic Mountain Boys. A friend of mine lives in Maine and just got introduced to bluegrass music so, after years of being away, I’m going back with him to the Thomas Point Beach festival this year. I got a kick out of seeing an old photo of myself playing bass, right next to you, on stage in 1981, in the earliest incarnation of the Manic Mountain Boys. I was amazed and pleased to see that it had continued. But, I was deeply saddened to see that that Tom Monahan passed away. He introduced me to bluegrass music, and many good people and good times. So, the best tribute can be more good music and good times . . .
Todd Macalister (bass, with the Texas Instruments, 1979-1983)

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