Having never heard of Evie Ladin or Keith Terry before, Maxine and I RSVP’d to Thom and Lisa Sayers who were hosting a house concert by the duo. Not knowing what to expect, we arrived early on a cold November Saturday night to participate in the pre-concert potluck. Yes, I had failed to do my requisite google and youtube’ing before the show. So inquiring minds wanted to know, but even Lisa and Thom had no real clue as to what was in store for us. Apparently, Evie and Keith, who are from Oakland, were touring New England and reached out through mutual friends to find a house concert venue before they were to head back home for the holidays. What followed was a complete delight and wonder to everyone that attended! Evie has a wonderful voice, writes some amazing songs, and is extremely talented on the clawhammer banjo, while Keith plays bass and is a master of “body music” percussion. Their crossover mashups between old-time and more new-age street music was a revelation. I wish I had shot video instead of taken photos, but you can go online and search them out. In the meantime, see the album and the delighted new fans by clicking here or on the photo.


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