This is the index into my various Z3 repairs and fixit projects


After 6-1/2 years on the factory battery, I should consider myself lucky compared to some of the stories of short BMW battery life I have heard from other owners. However, by the end of winter 2006, the door locks were starting to open and close sluggishly and the battery was no longer holding onto a full charge. Time to replace with an Interstate, one of the best brands available.

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Tire Change

On Saturday, July 12, 2003, just 3 weeks after installing my new set of Bridgestone SO3 Pole Positions, I had my first away-from-home flat tire on the way to a BMW meet in Milford, CT. I had had flats previous to this, but in all cases they had been slow leaks that enabled me to get home and discover the problem in the privacy of my own driveway. This was my first opportunity to see what the BMW toolkit, jack, and limited service donut was all about.

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Glovebox Rattle

Like many other Z3 owners after a couple of years, the constant rattle of my glovebox was starting to drive me crazy. I started noticing it get particularly bad during the winter of 2003, but managed to live with it for several months until I finally had had enough. Time to fix the derned thing!

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