Believe it or not, some of the mods that I have done to my Z3 are performance-oriented, not just cosmetic! Here you go with some of the projects that I have done.

Valentine One

The first mod I always do for any new car is a hard-wire install of a Valentine One radar detector.

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Paul Ebeyer started manufacturing his own front strut tower braces for the Z3 under the Strong-Strut name. I ordered my Strong-Strut in December 2000 with black powder-coated rings, and a drilled and chromed cross brace. I received the strut brace on January 17, 2001. The installation took under an hour, following Paul's extremely clear and detailed instructions.

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About a year after I installed the Strong-Strut, Paul Ebeyer came up with the "Butt-Strut" which added torsional rigidity to the rear subframe.

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Conforti Shark Injector & CAI

Jim Conforti, a guru of BMW tuning, designed the "Shark Injector", a small device that plugs into the OBD port and reprograms the ECU for horsepower gains and a higher rev limit. In addition he created a companion cold air intake with an ITG foam filter. These were purchased through Turner Motorsport and I did the install myself.

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Unorthodox Underdrive Pulleys

My failed (and somewhat costly) experiment to eke out more hp gains by installing a set of Unorthodox Racing underdrive pulleys.

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